Effective: March 20, 2024

Federal Realty (West) utilizes automated license plate recognition (“ALPR”) technology at all its parking facilities for Santana Row including but not limited to the Winchester Garage, the Olin Garage, the Olsen Garage, the Hatton Garage (NetApps), Santana West Garage, and the Hatton Street Surface Lot.

A. Authorized Purpose

ALPR information may be collected, accessed, and used to:

B. Parties With Access and Use of the ALPR System(s)

The following parties are authorized to access and use the ALPR System(s):

All authorized users undergo training on the operation and proper use of the ALPR system(s).

C. System Monitoring

Federal Realty and its ALPR system vendor SKIDATA utilizes physical access controls, digital permission controls, and other technological, procedural, and operational security measures to protect ALPR information from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure. In addition, ALPR system vendors conduct periodic audits of the ALPR system(s) in order to ensure the accuracy of the system(s).

D. Information Disclosures

Federal Realty and the authorized users identified above do not sell, share, or transfer ALPR information unless as stated otherwise in this ALPR Policy. We do not sell or share ALPR information. We do disclose certain information with each other (i.e., the identified Parties in subsection B who have been granted access) for the purposes stated above, or as obligated by law, or as necessary for law enforcement to respond to police incidences, emergencies, or other requests by law enforcement agencies consistent with the law.

E. Official Custodian

The official custodian of the ALPR information is SKIDATA.

F. Data Accuracy

Collection of ALPR information is automated and may sometimes be inaccurate or incomplete. To avoid mistaken use of ALPR information, users of information should confirm accuracy of the information. Reasonable technical measures, including regular testing, are utilized in order to ensure the accuracy of ALPR information. We correct mistakes and database errors when identified. If you have identified any errors, please contact us at our webform here.

G. Data Retention

We retain ALPR data as long as needed for the purposes stated herein, including as required for legal or law enforcement purposes. ALPR information is retained for a period of 30 days unless increased due to legal obligations.

H. Changes to this Policy

This ALPR Usage Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time by Federal Realty (West). Any changes to the policy will take effect upon posting, and will apply to all ALPR system data regardless of when it was collected, in accordance with applicable law.

For more information about our data collection practices, generally, please visit us here.